Jill Joy Gallery - 456 S La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

We are open by appointment.  For more information please contact Jill Joy at 747-234-6408 or jill@jilljoy.com.

Free, private parking behind the gallery in a parking lot as well as street parking.

We are not accepting submissions from artists at this time.

Photos: Baha Danesh & http://www.amyhaberlandphotography.com

Owned and operated by Los Angeles artist, Jill Joy, it is founded on the belief that collectors and art lovers should have multiple points of access to the work of contemporary artists in addition to the established network of contemporary galleries. The gallery features the art of Jill Joy whose work addresses spiritual healing and the evolution of consciousness. 

The Jill Joy Gallery is a realization of 20 year vision to bring Jill Joy's work and other spiritually based contemporary art to the public. As a young artist living in New York, Jill began to realize that her message of spiritual healing and development was not a topic generally understood or promoted by the network of contemporary art galleries. After 20 years of perseverance, artistic exploration and nationwide exposure, she has made the leap and commitment to open her own space and bring her healing vision and the healing vision of other artists to the art viewing and buying public. By exposing this type of work to the world, she intends to create a higher level of divine consciousness and promote spiritual healing globally. Jill Joy believes the art viewing and buying public is sufficiently sophisticated to know what moves them and hopes to bring a spirit of welcome, collaboration, openness and accessibility to the contemporary art world.