The Power of Emotions to Transform - Exhibition Postponed due to Illness...Stay tuned while we reschedule by Jill Joy

Emotions are a dicey proposition. We need to experience and understand them in order to grow and heal. At the same time if we allow them to overwhelm us, we can get into trouble.  Repression, on the other hand, is just as bad leading to stagnation.

Jill Joy - Dissolution - oil on canvas - 60x72"

In this work, which I create on an as needed basis to cope with strong feelings, I have allowed myself a constructive way to feel and process my emotions: Giving them life and expression, but not allowing them to overwhelm me or anyone else. And in the process a dynamic piece of art is created that, having transformed me, has I believe, the power to transform the viewer.

Jill Joy - Divertere - oil on canvas - 36x36"


Elevator Speech on Enlightenment #art #painting by Jill Joy

I was at a party over the holidays and found myself queried about my art. It's often very difficult for an abstract artist to describe his or her art because the concepts are often abstract ideas that the artist is attempting to represent visually. When I got home I decided I needed to summarize exactly what it is my work is about. Not just for my fellow humans, but for also me. So here’s what I came up with that seemed to encompass 20+ years of painting and the evolution across a multitude of styles:

Jill Joy – Purple Sky – oil on canvas – 36×36

“My work is essentially about enlightenment: Transcending individual thoughts, emotions and experiences towards identification with something beyond the self that is universal and all encompassing. My art seeks to understand our place in the universe, the transience of life and the existence of a broader vibrational field of love that encompasses us all.”

Jill Joy - Thought Forms compassion - oil on canvas - 20x60 - 2014

Intertwined by Jill Joy

So it's been awhile since I've posted. I had the grand opening for my studio in June and another open studio in August after that featuring new work from the Consciousness Series. I've also been busy painting. Below is a new work, Intertwined, hot off the brush, that has not yet been publically displayed.

Jill Joy - Intertwined - oil on canvas - 20x40" - 2014

Jill Joy - Intertwined - oil on canvas - 20x40" - 2014

It is an exploration of a relationship in transition. Two souls moving in time and space. It made me realize that my human drama is really quite small against the backdrop of universal consciousness. Almost like a disturbance, but not quite. There is something honorable and just about the human struggle for peace and happiness.